How is Bytemerica different from a company or accelerator?

Bytemerica prides itself on being a stakeholder in partner companies. We are not a service outsourcing company in the traditional sense. It is not our best choice to send engineers or designers to participate in the business as consultants. We will go all out to participate in the business of each partner. We ask ourselves to be responsible for the actual growth targets and integrate all our resources in Latin America to achieve these targets.

How does Bytemerica choose its partner companies?

We look forward to cooperating with high-growth Internet companies. At the beginning of the Latin American expansion plan of our partner companies, we hope to become an important partner of their team, and even a part of it. We will be proud of our significant contributions to the short-term and long-term development of our partner companies.

Does Bytemerica have an industry focus?

We are a team that loves challenges. Our members are mainly from the Internet, financial technology, blockchain, communications manufacturing and other industries. We do not limit the industries of our partners, but cooperation within our capabilities Is the best choice.

Which countries does Bytemerica focus on?

Geographically speaking, our team can cover the entire Latin American region. In fact, in terms of business, we generally provide business cooperation in Portuguese-speaking countries and Spanish-speaking countries. The main team members are located in Brazil, Mexico and the United States. Generally, Brazil Will be the initial country of our cooperation project.

How does Bytemerica conduct business cooperation with its partners?

Our great partners generally provide Bytemerica with operating expenses and partsiciptions of results. We look forward to becoming one of the shareholders of the Latin American branch of the partner.

How does Bytemerica help partners cooperate with local funds in Latin America?

Bytemerica has well-known investors and funds as our partners, and these partners are also looking for investment opportunities with us. We are always happy to maintain close cooperation with funds, accelerators and incubators. We hope that every cooperative project we participate in can incubate into an excellent company and become a part of the future value growth of our partners.